Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book of the Week: The Three Little Pigs

OH BOY!  Do I feel behind!  I'm guessing I'm not the only one, but March is gearing up to be the craziest month imaginable! I was hoping to post this on Thursday, but life got in the way!  Anyway, the book I used in my language lessons this week was "The Three Little Pigs."  The version I have is by Alex and came with finger puppets and a story-telling glove:

We read the story using the finger puppets as props.  And then I had the students reenact the story.  I also used these cute houses from Jenna's (Speech Room NewsThree Little Pigs Book Companion.  They're the houses from the Reinforcer Game.  I attached them to butter tubs so they would stand up.

Here are the pigs in their completed houses:

And the wolf on his way to the second house:

As a follow-up, we used the Top/Middle/Bottom activity (also from Jenna's packet).  Although my version does not have a Mama Pig, the second pig is a girl, so these graphics corresponded quite nicely with my puppets!

I also used the comprehension cards from Jenna's packet.  I placed them in my cauldron/Leprechaun pot/soup pot and had children reach in and draw a card for their turn.

I wanted to share some of the responses I got to this question:  "If you saw a wolf, what would you do?"

  • "I would scream"
  • "I would cry"
  • "I would run"
  • "I would spray him in the face with water" (lol!)
  • "I would quickly build a brick house!" (my favorite!)

Aren't kids the best?!?  

We also used a couple of iPad apps for follow-up:

The Three Little Piggies by Kids Academy Company (Super cute interactive storybook version of the tale!)

The Three Little Pigs Story Chimes Match Game by Story Chimes.  (Matching game that corresponds to the Story Chimes version of the story).

I know there are several versions of this story.  I want to know:  What's your favorite version to use and what are your favorite follow-up activities?


  1. So fun to see my packet in use! THanks Carrie!


  2. Looks like fun! I used The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs as told to Jon Scieska this week.

  3. I love to use variants on fairy tales and compare/contrast character, setting, plot and focus on perspective taking...for this one there are a bunch of great options which are such fun... The Three Little Havelinas (Lowell) is set in the desert, The Three Little Cajun Pigs (Artell) is set in Louisiana, The Three Litttle Hawaiian Pigs and the Big Bad Shark alters the antagonist, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs (Scieska) is told from the perspective of the innocent wolf, The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig ((Trivizas) flips the story entirely, and it goes the end of the unit, my kidds can create their own version

    1. I do that too when I have older kids (right now I mostly have PK)! I typically use the Three Little Pigs, Three Fish/Shark, Three Wolves/Pig, and Three Gators/Big Bottomed Boar...those all follow the same basic structure. I have them complete a chart of the characters/settings/house materials, then they create their own version...But they CANNOT use any of the animals from the stories!

  4. Love this so much...I love Jenna's packet and the cups are awesome. Thanks for the ideas Jenna and Carrie.


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